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US Patent No. 9,504,243 B1 Cover

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What the Crack LLC offers this ground-breaking new patented mousetrap innovation!



*This is the only design that allows the trap to catch rodents through a medium such as ceiling and/or wall.

*Currently, the flush, ceiling mounted design is complete with final design mods needed from buyer or licensee.

*The wall mounted, vertical design, is not complete and needs more work if  buyer or licensee wishes to pursue.

The traps are meant to be permanent fixtures blending into the environment like a standard smoke detector.  The standard, flush-mounted (ceiling) version requires a 1/2 inch easily repairable hole through the ceiling or wall to allow for the rodents to travel into the trap.


Our mousetrap was designed to work with glue board type materials, however is can also be a live capture trap.  It has multiple mounting options with residential, commercial, industrial, food service applications, and more. 



Here is a PDF of our Patent.

The next evolution of the mousetrap, and it's about time.

The Game Changing Mouse Trap / Original Configuration

Multiple Configurations

Ceiling Mounted

Drawing / Mouse Trap / Configuration 1

T.G.C.M.T Brochure

The Game Changing Mouse Trap Brochure

Mouse Olfactory info

The Game Changing Mouse Trap / Mouse Olfactory



What concerns you the most when you place traditional snap, poison, or glue traps around your home? If you don't have concerns, you most definitely should!












Are you concerned about the fact:

  • that they are visible to visitors?

  • that they are dangerous for children and pets?

  •  that they will not stop mice from entering your living spaces?

  • or, that by using them in your living spaces you are furthering the spread of bacteria and disease

throughout your home or office?












Well, you should be concerned about all of the above points, and we will tell you why.

As mice scurry around your living spaces looking for food, they are urinating and defecating, spreading bacteria and disease almost every step of the way.  These are the spaces you relax in, and spaces your children play in.


It is time for a change, and we have just the thing.








So, by now, we are sure you are asking yourself "what makes this trap design so special?".

Well, James is going to tell you!







Drawing / Mouse Trap / Configuration 3
That's right!  Our traps will catch mice where they live, not where we live!
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So, what do you think?  Pretty cool, right?